2015 Welcomes a New Web!

In Japan, they believe that during the year one’s house gets full of little hairy-black-ball-demon-thingies—like the ones that appear in some Ghibli movies.

This cute furry balls hide under the closets, the top of the cupboards, the crevices and corners, and the dark places of the house.

Susuwatari, a.k.a Black Soot

Every year—before the end of the year—there’s a tradition of cleaning the house at it’s fullest, specially in the places where the black-little-demon-thingies hide.

By doing so, you scare them away, making sure that the new year to come will be a lucky and happy one! (Until the demons come back. Then you clean everything up again…)

I am not a big fan of cleaning, but I love changing web designs. Every year I get this uncontrollable need of making a new one… 

During this episodes, I also tend to freak out and revise every post I’ve written. It might be a curse for having studied graphic design, or the desire to be a good writer…

Maybe I’m just afraid that my web might be also full of hiding little hairy pom-poms.

Be it as it may, I have once again fulfilled my yearly tradition of preparing a yet new web design for Sama Sama Studio. The big news is, this year I’m not only going to change the template, but the web server too.

We’ll have to say goodbye to the old Blogspot blog, and welcome with excitement a new WordPress Era. —Clap your hands—Hurrah!

This is how the new 2015 web will look!

Sama Sama Studio’s new web for 2015

And since I’m going all “this is the new me” type, I have also made a little investment and I have purchased a professional template from Envato Market. This Template is called Elision (by team Qode), and it’s beautiful. It’s also responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

What I liked the most was its option of making headers with videos background.

I see potential!!—wink-wink

2015 it’s going to be an exciting year full of projects and new initiatives.

Are you a little bit curious? I’ll tell you everything in my next post.

See you then!

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See you there!

Sara Martull

I like helping people, making 3D illustrations, modeling and shading characters, and my wish is to become a good writer/illustrator some day

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