Preview Image of a character from Baby Hell. NPR made in 3D Max with Illustrate! 2009

About Baby Hell

…What the hell is this…


Baby Hell is a short horror story written by—mysterious writerHeledahn.

It tells the story of Liberty, a computer scientist and hacker that is invited to participate in the development of a prestigious virtual reality game.

While she is testing it something goes terribly wrong, and Liberty and many other get trapped in the game—which is, of course a survival.


Format and other details

I know the synopsis sounds very cliche, but I promise it is really cool.

I’m starting the development of this project that I think will be published as a digital comic. I intend to distribute it online and go from there.

I am also considering doing a semi-animated version, with background music and sound effects for tablet devices… But it is a big maybe. Let’s see how the development stage goes first.

The comic will be done entirely in 3D, using Non Photorealistic Rendering techniques in Blender.

Preview Image of a possible scene of Baby Hell. NPR made in Blender - 2015

Preview Image of a possible scene of Baby Hell. NPR made in Blender – 2015

I will open an independent Baby Hell Blog, where I will update my progress as a Working Log. A selection of the most interesting posts will also be published here at Sama Sama Blog.

I’m also hoping to make video tutorials of the software and techniques as I go, and upload them in the tutorial section.

In any case, this is a project that is going to take many years to be completed… So sit tight, and please stay in touch!


Looking for collaborators

I know this is a big shot, but if you are interested in collaborating with me, or you know of anyone who is, please let me know!

I feel lonely working like this… All by myself… —snif—


Join the discussion

Have you started any big project recently?

Did you do it solo? Or you had a team to support you?

How did it turned out?

Share your story! Show others we are not alone!

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See you there!

Sara Martull

I like helping people, making 3D illustrations, modeling and shading characters, and my wish is to become a good writer/illustrator some day

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