And from Graphic Design… To 3D Modeling

…So I was in the corridors and I saw another sign… Deja vu?


Just like it happened before (when I decided to join the school magazine), I was walking through the corridors of the ETSID building when I saw a poster that caught my eye.


It was a commercial poster for a new course of 3D Studio Max the University was offering, and it showed a 3D render of a very modern building that looked exactly like what I imagined the futuristic world of “Seven Goddesses” would look like.

This image inspired me so much! And it also brought a new kind of hope to my artistic desperation.

I figured that if I wasn’t gonna be able to draw anything without using a 3D image as reference, I should probably just learn 3D and be done with all my problems.

I enrolled in this inexpensive course of 3D Studio Max 2009, and after a few weeks of classes I obtained a (very useless) official Autodesk certificate.

Here are a few examples of what I did during this short course of 3D Studio Max:






The course itself was not very clarifying. They basically just taught me how to navigate the interface of 3DS Max, How to model very simple polygonal objects, and how to render simple scenes with Mental Ray.

Still, this new knowledge opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities!

After browsing the internet for a few extra tips on how to use the software, I came across the most beautiful image I’d seen in my life: A sculpt made in ZBrush by the incredibly talented artist Alexey Kashpersky (RIDDICK)


I asked the teacher if he could tell me more about ZBrush, but he didn’t know much about Digital Sculpting.

I decided to forget about Digital Sculpting and ZBrush for the time being, and to try to become better at rendering scenes in Mental Ray.

My teacher explained to me that the digital cameras of 3D Studio Max work the same way as real world cameras do, and he recommended me to take a photography course if I wanted to perfect my rendering techniques.


Coming up Next

I followed my teacher’s advice and joined yet another class… This time to learn Photography.

Was this really going to help me become a better 3D artist? I was very curious to see what would happen if I tried…

The tale continues here  


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