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It started with Seven Goddesses

…I’ve always been meek…


When I was 12 years old my parents asked me: How would you feel if Dad took a new job and we moved to Valencia?

I had been living in Madrid since I was born but that didn’t really mattered to me (I’m a nomad). I said I would be happy, and a few months later we were starting a new life in the City of Fire.


My time in Valencia was a good one, and there is where I discovered my devotion to illustration and story writing.

You will laugh—I mean, I know how lame this sounds!—but when I was in high school, I suddenly had a super awesome idea for a video game story that rocked my life! It was going to be called Seven Goddesses, and it was going to be the bomb!

Needless to say, this super awesome idea was a big-fat-ripoff-blend between Final Fantasy and the Northern Lights novels. But hey, I thought it was great! —Sue me, SquareSoft!

It was so exciting, I started writing it right away. The format was like a theater play, you know? Written like — Name of the Character: Blah Bla Blah Dialog, and short descriptions in between?

So awesooome!

When I was done with the script, I started making little pencil illustrations of what the characters would look like. I even put glitter on the logos \(^o^)/

This were the first character designs Sayuri Matsumoto ever did (2007)

These were the first character designs I ever did (2005)

My obsession began to grow, and I knew I was made for this. My parents weren’t happy—of course. They wanted me to become an engineer, not an artist. But still, I managed to keep writing and sketching while I applied for university.

Have you seen the quality of my drawings? Yeah... I... thought so too.

I seriously needed to access University and study Fine Arts if I wanted to get anywhere with this dream of mine of making the coolest game story ever.

But parent are parents, and I already told you at the beginning: I’m a pushover. So… I became an engineer.

Yes, I was easy-going. I loved peace. But I’ve recently discovered that I was also as stubborn and as insistent as my cat when he wants breakfast.

I wasn’t ready to give up on my whole story-writer career just yet. It would just take me a little longer than I expected…


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Do you want to know how everything will turn out? The journey continues in this post.


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Sara Martull

I like helping people, making 3D illustrations, modeling and shading characters, and my wish is to become a good writer/illustrator some day

  • Markus
    Posted at 02:12h, 13 December Reply

    That city is for real? I thought it was some kind of render or something but it’s actually in Spain?

    • Sara
      Posted at 09:06h, 13 December Reply

      Hello Markus. Yes, it is real! One usually don’t hear much about it, but Valencia is a wonderful place; specially in March (for the “Fallas” festival)
      Fun fact: The movie “Tomorrowland” 2015 was shot partly there, at the City of Arts and Science 😀

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