Learning Photography to perfect 3D

…Not sure it cleared things further, but it sure was fun!…


Following my 3DS Max teacher’s advice I decided to join a school of Photography.

I was lucky enough to find a great (and cheap) academy in Valencia, where I took a course in Digital Photography that included Digital Retouching, Portrait Photography, Flash, Fashion, Nude, Product, Studio, Outdoors, Macro, Traditional Photography and film developing among others.

This course was great, because I actually learnt so much more Photoshop than I did during my Master in Graphic Design (which says a lot about the quality of that particular Master… Considering how costly it was….) and I got to meet amazing people whom with I became very good friends to this day, and whom are nowadays incredibly gifted Photographers: Nomar Marco EDG, Tania Molina Nieto, Roberto Castillo Soler, Pilar Alberola, Juanjo Benítez Cercós & Ana Vergara Pardo.

From all the materials we were taught by my dearest teacher and friend Susana Marquez Madueño, the things I enjoyed the most were Macro Photography, Studio Portrait, and Product Photography.

Here are some examples of the photos I took during this course:




After completing the course I also developed a passion for taking Underwater Photographs as a hobby <3



In retrospect, I think this course was specially useful for developing my 3D illumination techniques, because it taught me how to make good lighting setups for products and for portraying people.

On the counterpart, the knowledge I acquired during this Photography Course didn’t really stick for making things easier when handling 3D cameras in the CG software…

I still have trouble figuring out the apertures and the FOVs, and the degrees, and all those other settings that make great renders become ever greater.

But maybe that’s just me… and my selective memory…


Coming up Next

Funny how during a time when everything is going so well, so many bad things can happen.

Who said this was gonna be an easy ride?

The drama (sadly) begins, here  


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