My First Wacom Tablet (and what I did with it)

…I was never the best of students…


Can you blame me? I was studying Industrial Design Engineering! —No offense!

At least it had the word design on it…

Image by photographer Alejandro Herero

Image by photographer Alejandro Herrero

One particular day, while I was walking the white corridors of the ETSID building, someone said something that really caught my attention.

“It’s called a tablet” they said. “You draw on a surface, and what you are drawing appears in the computer’s screen.”

I was like, WHAAAAT?

I had been religiously drawing character designs for more than a year while pretending to be studying—ahem!

I drew so much, I had one of those huge office folders full of pages and pages of awkwardly drawn female models, displaying collections of my latest fashion designs.

The thought of simply drawing into the computer was… Fantastic! But I was told that these devices were very expensive, and I was—well—broke.

A Wacom Pen Partner

A Wacom Pen Partner

A darling friend, seeing that I was in need, got me for my birthday the most precious thing: A Wacom Penpartner.

It was the smallest little thing! I actually hated it a bit when I started using it. I had to train my hand to synchronize with my brain, while I looked away into the PC screen.

It was madness!

But I decided to change, and become a good student (of using my Wacom, of course)

I was ready to do anything for my big, successful career in story-writing/illustrating! So I took a break from my Seven Goddesses, and practice “for perfection” making a fan-fiction comic of Gargoyles!

Gargoyles fan fiction I did in 2006

Gargoyles fan fiction I did in 2006. I wish I could say I was 10…


Anyway… It was a great experience, and I still can’t believe I colored it with THAT little tablet…


Coming up Next

I kept practizing with my little Wacom friend and I got better. Filled with confidence, I decided it was time to take some action!

The story continues here… Don’t miss it!


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Sara Martull

I like helping people, making 3D illustrations, modeling and shading characters, and my wish is to become a good writer/illustrator some day

  • Nueva Reseña, por parte de Sara Martull | Alejandro Herrero
    Posted at 08:22h, 13 December Reply

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    • Sara
      Posted at 08:58h, 13 December Reply

      Gracias Alejandro, estoy muy agradecida de que me permitieras usar tu preciosa foto. Eres un artista!

  • Evaristo Pérez Morales
    Posted at 20:11h, 15 June Reply

    ¡¿Tan difícil es coordinar mano y mente trabajando con las tabletas digitalizadoras que no son de tipo Mirror?! … Acabo de encargar una Ugee, del tipo de las tabletas de trabajo indirecto, puesto que el precio de una Cintiq es elevado, con la esperanza de que sea una alternativa asequible…

    • Sara
      Posted at 21:56h, 15 June Reply

      Hola Evaristo! La verdad es que a mí me costo bastante acostumbrarme! Pero no te preocupes, una vez le pillas el truco es muy fácil y natural. De hecho, yo utilizo una Intuos cuando voy de viaje y me encanta!
      Si que hay un consejo que puedo darte que igual te ayuda. Cuando empecé a usar mi tableta, me costaba mucho sincronizar mi mano con la pantalla. Lo que me ayudo mucho fue ponerme la tableta delante de mí, y el teclado entre la pantalla y la tableta; en lugar de poner la tableta a la derecha (o izquierda) donde uno normalmente tiene el ratón. Se que hay gente que se acostumbra a usarla teniéndola a un lado (para poder acceder a los atajos de teclado con la otra mano) pero para mí era imposible. En cualquier caso, lo mejor es probarla y descubrir que método te va mejor a ti ???? Ya me contarás como te va con tu nueva Ugee!

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