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…Hard practice gives its fruits…


Using the little Wacom was now my second nature. But after a while my Penpartner became too small for me…

I had gotten a part time job at the ETSID’s International Affairs office, and with the little money I had earned, I decided to upgrade to a better Pen Tablet.

Since Wacom had worked so well for me (and I am a faithful customer) I acquired next a Wacom Graphire Bluetooth.

Wacom Graphire Bluetooth

Wacom Graphire Bluetooth

This tablet was the best thing I’ve ever had!

The size was just perfect, it was cordless (which is a plus) and I could use it with a Pen or a Mouse.

I loved everything about it!

I also loved what a little bit more resolution did for my drawings.

My illustrations were starting to look a lot better, and I developed a style of my own, with thick contours around the figures, and very thin lines for the inner details.

In retrospection, I see that my illustrations at this point pretty much suck… But… We are supposed to be in the past, when I didn’t know better. —Shoosh





My biggest inspirational artist was Adam Hughes. His work really captured me, and pushed me to try harder.

I used his influence to try to color smoother surfaces with the digital brushes, adding bright colors and very soft highlights to my characters.

Illustration for Seven Goddesses by Sayuri Matsumoto in 2007

Cartel del Centenario ETSID 2007



I started feeling more confident about my work, and this pushed me to take some action.

So one day, while waiting for a classmate, I saw a poster for the ETSID magazine. They were looking for people to participate in the creation of a new college magazine.

You know how sometimes in life you see a sign and you get this sudden urge to follow it?

This was the first time that happened for me, but I knew I had to go to their office and submit my application.

It felt so right!

A few weeks later, I was one of the six member magazine team. The school even gave us a dusty old office to use as headquarters just for ourselves! It was like in Dragon Age: Inquisition, when you find Skyhold and it is yours to do as you please? Only… A lot crappier.

Revista ETSID - CRE18 numero 4

We were there for a year and a half, and we produced and published 6 issues of the CRE18′ magazine.

Thanks to my friends at the editorial—particularly Reinabada and J. Nasser—I got very interested in comic drawing and graphic design—which eventually led me to my next destination: Finland


Coming up Next

The experience in the college magazine gave me a chance to get closer to my goals. Who said that Industrial Design Engineering cannot be artistic as well?

Check out how my time in Finland affected me and got me closer to my dream job! The story continues here.


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Sara Martull

I like helping people, making 3D illustrations, modeling and shading characters, and my wish is to become a good writer/illustrator some day

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