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    My objective in life is to be a story writer. Everyday I work hard towards this goal. But making a living out of writing stories is not as easy as it seems! It's O.K... I have a Plan!

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    To support myself while I chase my dream of becoming an author, I opened a shop with all the files I use in my work productions. By shopping there, you'll be funding amazing projects!

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    To succeed, one must achieve perfection. I self-studied for years what I needed to start my projects. Now, I share my knowledge with dreamers like you, so you too can do what you love!

The Blog

This Blog gathers posts about me and my most recent professional discoveries.

I write about the Software I use, the techniques I have learnt, the business directions I’m planning to take… And mostly about my ideas and designs, that one day will make my stories come alive.

Will you follow me in my adventure of becoming a published author?

I discovered my devotion to illustration and story writing. You will laugh--I mean, I know how lame this sounds!--But when I was in highschool, I had a super awesome idea for a story that rocked my life! It was going to be the bomb!...