The Finnish Revelation (and my initiation as Blogger)

…When one really wants to study art…


The college magazine had been a big help to get through the boring lectures and technical studies, and I made it through the second year of college.

Finally, the time that most Spanish students patiently wait for arrived. In was my turn to get an Erasmus scholarship and travel the world.

While working at the International Affairs Office, I had helped many of my senior colleagues getting a curricular transfer to France, Italy, London…

That is the beauty of the European Union. Anyone can now study for a year in any of the EU member countries, easy peasy!

Now it was my turn to fly.

I prepared my application and passed the evaluation exams. I had hoped to go to the University of Transylvania (Romania).

What can I tell you? I’m a geek! Vampires are hot!

…Unfortunately they didn’t have an agreement with the Industrial Design branch.

My advisor suggested me to apply for Finland. Their schools were the best for studying design, and the EVTEK Institute of Art and Design offered classes of Art and Graphic Design.

I didn’t hesitate one bit. It was perfect, so there I went!


Beautiful Helsinki

What can I say about it? I was blessed!

The city is gorgeous. The people super friendly. There were tons of activities and places of interest, and as my adviser had said, the graphic design studies at EVTEK (now renamed Metropolia) were First Class.

In Finland they don’t joke around. The classrooms were equipped with the latest most powerful computers and accessories.


It was here where I tried the semi-professional Wacom Tablets “Intuos”.

But you’ll be pleased to know that the Intuos is actually not much better than the sweet, non-expensive Wacom Graphire.

Sometimes, a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better quality.

During my Erasmus scholarship I totally forgot about my “major” in Industrial Design.

Don’t tell anyone back at home, O.K?

I was a Graphic Designer now! I studied Photoshop! Flash! Nude Figure Drawing! And all these university credits were interchangeable with my Industrial Design credits in Spain!


I had so many new drawings that I decided—why not?—to become a Blogger and share them with the online community.

And thus, I opened my very first blog of Illustration, Art and Design in Blogger. Can you guess what I called it?

Seven Goddesses

Am I obsessed or what?


Works of 2007

Here is a sample of the illustrations I did during my days at EVTEK:

Watercolor of Pine Branches made during my stay at EVTEK Helsinki 2007

Watercolor of Pine Branches made during 2007

Piggy the Brave book illustration made during my stay at EVTEK Helsinki 2007

Piggy the Brave book illustration

Grand Theft Auto illustration style made in 2007

Grand Theft Auto illustration style made in 2007

Illustration of girls in the beach - 2007

Trying more complex illustrations


Coming up Next

Life in Finland was great, and I felt like I was Supergirl!

But usually inexperience makes you blind, and you might think that you are better than you actually are… Here continues my tale, with my first big tumble…


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Sara Martull

I like helping people, making 3D illustrations, modeling and shading characters, and my wish is to become a good writer/illustrator some day

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